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Do You Have A Whistleblower Case?

If you think you are a False Claims Act (qui tam) whistleblower under the federal/state False Claims Act(s), please fill out the form below [video].


We ask for your name, phone number and email address so we may contact you after reviewing your entry. Your confidentiality is a top priority for us.

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Does the fraud involve a government funded program?


Do you have personal and non-public information about the fraud?


Do you have any documentation of the fraud or know of others who could corroborate your allegations?


Does the fraud involve a substantial amount of money?


Does the fraud negatively impact public safety or patient care?


Is the fraud intentional or the result of negligence?


Did you initiate or participate in the fraud?


Does the defendant have sufficient assets and ability to pay?


Do you have any reason to believe that there is already a government investigation underway?


What are the reasons you are coming forward with this information?

Remember to click the ‘Send‘ button above to submit your form. Thank you!

A member of our staff will contact you once your submission has been received and reviewed.

The Whistleblower Law Collaborative fully understands the very real and complicated concerns many people must address before pursuing a whistleblower claim.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to file a case, your confidentiality will remain protected.